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Our team will help you implement PlanGuru, based on your business’s time horizon and cost constraints.

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PlanGuru helps small businesses do the same type of value-adding analysis as large companies, at a fraction of the cost. If your company has struggled or never tried to build a budget, PlanGuru will help you implement a budgeting, forecasting and financial review process that will yield better decision-making.

Simple set-up and import, cut straight to the important conversations

With our Excel, QuickBooks, and Xero import utilities, you’ll be able to import historical results in only a few minutes. Then you can begin to have those discussions that will help you build out your budget/forecast from the bottom up. This will provide your employees with a clearer understanding of the expectations set forth.

Forecast all 3 financial statements with 20+ Forecasting methods

PlanGuru’s integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement eliminates the challenge of creating and maintaining a comprehensive financial model in a spreadsheet. Then with 20+ forecasting methods (both turn-key and customizable), you’ll be able to build both intelligent financial and non-financial projections.

Accurately Plan with Rolling Forecasts

Things change and as the year moves along. As actual results are coming in, you’ll be able to adapt quickly and forecast the upcoming months with more accuracy in a rolling forecast. You’ll get a sober view of where you stand, be more prepared to adapt to changes in seasonality, all while keeping your original budget in place.

Have the numbers to make confident decisions

Each month, once the books are closed, a full financial review is just minutes away. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to view budget vs actual reports, build rolling forecasts and be able to adjust to make the best decisions for your business.

Analyze opportunities and risk with a tool fit for the task

In business, nothing is a sure thing. PlanGuru will help you prepare for the number of contingencies your business will face. Our robust planning framework provides a forecasting tool to help you interpret the likely impact of these events with great precision. With scenario analysis in PlanGuru, you can make investment and other strategic decisions with the confidence that you’ve done your due diligence intelligently.