Need help getting off the ground?
Our team will help you implement PlanGuru, based on your nonprofit’s time horizon and cost constraints.

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Nonprofits typically have very rigorous, mandatory budgeting requirements. We have a decade of experience helping these organizations build custom tailored projects that exceed their difficult parameters. We work with all types of nonprofits from small churches to major universities.

Show your funders that you have a plan to carry out your mission

A strong forward-looking financial plan is of critical importance for Nonprofits. Demonstrate to contributors that their funding is being put to good use through a transparent and robust financial plan built in PlanGuru. Managing your funds is key to achieving the mission of your Nonprofit, let PlanGuru help you.

3-Way Financial Statement Forecasting

Leave the frustrating challenge of building a comprehensive model in a spreadsheet(s). Forecast contributions, programs, gifts, grants and operating expenses in PlanGuru, and you’ll instantly see the impact on the balance sheet and cash flow. Dive deeper and project personnel expenses by employee and build out allocations.

Accurately Plan with Rolling Forecasts

Things change as the year moves along. As actual results are coming in, you’ll be able to adapt quickly and forecast the upcoming months with more accuracy in a rolling forecast. You’ll get a sober view of where you stand, be more prepared to adapt to changes in seasonality, all while keeping your original budget in place.

Perform strategic planning with a tool fit for the task

You have a mission statement, but not a path carved in stone. You’re constantly evaluating opportunities that hinge on uncertain future events. Our robust planning framework will help you interpret the likely impact of these events with great precision. With scenario analysis in PlanGuru, you can make fund allocation and strategic decisions with confidence.