More accurate Cash Flow Projections

Things change and as the year moves along. As actual results are coming in, you’ll be able to adapt quickly and re-forecast cash in the upcoming months with more accuracy in a rolling forecast. You’ll get a sober view of where you stand, be more prepared to adapt to change, all while keeping your original budget in place.

Budget for each Location & Consolidate

Create accountability and enable Location Managers to make better decisions with their own budget. Create targets per location that can be achieved and then see how things are going throughout the year with Budget vs Actual reports by location and at the consolidated level.

Benchmark Performance

Quickly determine which locations are profitable and which need help and WHY

See the impact of your Assumptions & KPIs

PlanGuru’s flexibility allows you to track and forecast any and all of your key metrics including things like:
– Products & Service lines
– Average Price per Customer
– Payroll, Impact of Employee Turnover and Employee Efficiency
– Changes in Costs and Expenses
– Virtually anything!

Opening a new location?

Quickly see the ramifications of debt vs. equity financing, or funding with current cash flow

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