Launch for Businesses/ Nonprofits

Some businesses have complex projects, tight time horizons or specialized training needs. Let the our team develop a cost effective plan, so that you can focus your time on the other important aspects of your business.

We will Launch your team over any learning curve associated with the implementation and build-out of your project in PlanGuru. Our experience helping thousands of businesses enables us to help businesses create better analysis in a fraction of the time.

A PlanGuru Launch engagement can be 2 or 3 collaborative Zoom meetings, where you spend the time in between our meetings implementing the game-plan we formulate in those sessions. On the other hand, we can take the reins and perform the entire set-up process, leaving you with detailed maintenance instructions. Launch engagement pricing is based upon a $250/hr USD rate.

Launch for Business Advisors

PlanGuru Launch for Business Advisors can take 2 forms:

1) You may have a complex project, tight time horizon or specialized training needs for one of your clients. We can help you in all the same ways we can help a business directly, in the implementation and build-out of your project in PlanGuru.

2) A comprehensive approach to helping your firm successfully sell and deliver these budgeting, forecasting, and financial analytics services. This involves case-based training on the PlanGuru applications, general budgeting and forecasting “theory”, prospect identification and sales/marketing support.

This 2nd approach is required by many firms that want to build this profitable revenue stream. We are not talking about adding just another payroll processing application to our toolkit; this involves adding a fundamentally new offering. It is necessary to build the surrounding messaging and outreach game plan to get your clients excited about taking their business in a more intelligent direction.

And when it comes time to deliver, we can make the first few engagements go off without a hitch, while training you to tackle these projects without us in the future. Launch engagement pricing is based upon a $250/hr USD rate.