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PlanGuru Downloads & Updates

PG S Update (v8)

PlanGuru Updates are released as needed to address issues that have arisen since the initial release of a version. You must have activated a full product download of PlanGuru S in order to successfully install this update.

May 7, 2018: Version v8.0.0.4 is now available for download. The update includes the new User Interface and some product corrections and enhancements.



PG S Upgrade (Use this to upgrade from v7 to v8)



Advanced Reporting Excel Add-in

Use this download if this is the first time you’re installing the Advanced Reporting Add-in for the first time. After downloading the Add-in you must “point” the add-in to Excel. For more information on the please refer to this Knowledge Base Post

DOWNLOAD Excel Add-in

PlanGuru Support Policy

All PlanGuru Susbcription Plan customers are entitled to support at no charge by submitting a ticket at our Support Help Center.

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