Grow your practice by making our customers your clients!

There are also many PlanGuru customers that need additional help beyond using our software. We frequently encounter businesses that need to improve automation in QuickBooks by integrating a few apps and streamlining the chart of accounts, so that they can do timely budget vs actual reporting. Others have their accounting house in order but need an experienced fractional CFO to run their budgeting and forecasting cadence to help them make better business decisions.

By signing up for the PlanGuru Partnership Program, we will email you any potential matches for the services you provide. You can then submit a RFM (Request for Meeting) to connect with these companies to efficiently gather the details of the additional services they need, while providing you an opportunity to give them an overview of your practice. There is no cost to this program whatsoever, even if you get a bunch of clients!

Looking to fill some gaps in your Advisory service offerings?

Some accounting firms want to provide a full service offering from setting up accounting systems through Fractional CFO services. However, in our experience many business advisors specialize in certain accounting/finance services but don’t have the bandwidth or desire to be everything to everyone.

    Are you a business advisor that does not provide everything from accounting system implementation through Fractional CFO work?

    Are you an expert in QuickBooks Online and its ecosystem of complimentary products, but lack the experience and time to implement a full budgeting and forecasting process?

    Maybe you are an experienced CFO but prefer not to get involved in the day-to-day accounting?

By signing up for The PlanGuru Advisor Partnership Program we will connect you with complimentary business advisors or accounting professionals in our network to help fill the gaps in your practice. This will enable you to appeal to more prospects and generate more revenue from your existing customers!

Also, there is no cost to signing up! We just want to provide you with relevant connections to help you expand your practice in whatever way you need.

What happens when I sign up?

By signing up, you are showing your interest in joining our Advisor network (at no charge). Beginning in Q2 2023, we will be reaching out with next steps to connect interested parties through a RFM (Request for Meeting), whether that be to connect Advisor to Advisor or Advisor to a Client Lead.

Your name and contact information WILL NOT be shared with any other parties upon initial communication unless you request to do so via our RFM process.

If you have any questions, please email us at