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PlanGuru Learning Center
Learning Center

Learn more from short videos that showcase specific functionality of PlanGuru. Whether you are looking to better understand how to setup an analysis, utilize our 20 forecasting methods, or just get a quick overview of the application, this is a great place to see how to use PlanGuru.[button_link url=”” style=”blue medium”]Go to the Learning Center[/button_link] [clear] [clear]

Product Consulting

We offer one-on-one Product Consulting Services that can be administered in a number of ways to best suit your needs. For additional information please read our policies.

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PlanGuru University

PGU is a webinar series created to make you a power user of PlanGuru while discussing general budgeting, forecasting, and planning concepts in a series of 3 (2 hour) classes. We start with the basics and gradually build up until we have covered nearly every aspect of PlanGuru’s capabilities.

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Find a Professional Advisor

Many of our customers use PlanGuru collaboratively with a financial professional; such as a CPA or a part-time CFO. We can teach you how to use PlanGuru, but often times an experienced financial professional can add tremendous value based on their understanding of the product and a strong conceptual knowledge of budgeting and planning.

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