Analyst for Businesses/ Nonprofits

PG Analyst is our most complete solution; it is a combination of the PlanGuru Applications and our ongoing expertise. We will do the up-front implementation while handing routine monthly tasks that will help you constantly improve. Your team will manipulate PlanGuru by setting all key assumptions, giving you complete control over the budgeting/forecasting process, but we do the routine stuff that does not require your expertise.

After an hour of learning about your business we can give you a quote in the form of a fixed monthly fee; in almost all cases, there is no up-front implementation fee. If at any point, you determine PlanGuru is not the best solution for your business, there is no future commitment.

Do you need help beyond implementing a budgeting, forecasting and financial analytics process? The best Outsourced CFO’s in the country are PlanGuru users and we would love to introduce you to a few of them.

Analyst for Business Advisors

Many business advisors leverage the PlanGuru Team’s product expertise and budgeting experience to provide a better service to more clients. We allow these advisors to focus all of their time on providing value-added advice and selling more engagements. You can create a fundamentally more profitable process by using PlanGuru Analyst to support your practice, while avoiding the boring and routine.

While some firms are becoming more efficient/profitable with PlanGuru Analyst, many firms do not have the resources to develop a dedicated in-house PlanGuru power-user. In the past, these business advisors have been unable to even bring these critical services to their clients. PlanGuru has changed this by providing a wide variety of ways to partner with accounting firms, bookkeepers, outsourced CFOs and any other business advisor.

Are you a business Advisor that provides these services? Are you on the map?