Special Offer for Advisors:

  • PlanGuru App – includes 3 Clients (normally $99/mo.)
  • Free Implementation & Client Onboarding Package (normally $599)
  • Free Access for all Advisors within your Firm

Our comprehensive Launch Onboarding Package is designed to help Advisors create an optimal financial management process for their clients by creating intelligent Budgets, Rolling Forecasts and Strategic Plans with PlanGuru.

Those with more experience in developing these processes may significantly condense the implementation and client onboarding into days, not weeks or months. Your PlanGuru Budgeting Analyst will work with you to design an on-boarding process that fits your experience level and timeframes.

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Included Launch Onboarding Package

Meeting 1

Setup & Import

We work with you to setup PlanGuru by importing or manually adding your Chart of Accounts and other KPI’s.

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Meeting 2

Forecasting Methods

We dive into your Financial Statements and other KPI’s to begin building out the best way to forecast each account.

Meeting 3


We’ll show you the many pre-built reports & dashboards, and show you how to customize them for your business.

Meeting 4

3rd Month Review

After 3 months, we review your progress and make recommendations on how to constantly improve.